May Day

May 1st, a paradox of human psychological behavior! While more than 80 countries worldwide are celebrating the International Workers Day or Labor Day, after an event that took place in the US, the Haymarket Riot in Chicago, we, in the US, celebrate Labor Day in September for no apparent reason other than it falls roughly halfway between the 4th of July and Thanksgiving!    

May was also the month of the ancient Old World spring festival and is now the New World most pagan spring celebration, the Kentucky Derby! This is an animalistic celebration of a creature original of the western hemisphere, that got the hell out of there when another creature, the human showed up to reappear some 10,000 years later with that same featherless biped on its back!

So let us celebrate that blend of elitist pageantry and pagan debauchery with some North American Native horse art.

One of a kind master piece by a gifted artist that epitomized beauty, elegance and power.

A more subdued example on the same theme. 

What can we say, Brancusi could have carved this one!

Could hook them up at the top of the stretch.

Did not mean to make you mad.

Brilliant! Used as a tobacco board between dances.

…and was smoked in this one!

Future blogs will be dedicated to Plains Indian sculptures and will revisit these beautiful objects in our collection.