Rattle Those Pots and Pans

28" x 28"

Oil on Linen - Framed



Why Gone These TImes

48" x 65.5"

Oil on Canvas - Framed


Fresh From the East

32" x 16"

Oil on Linen - Framed


Picket Line

18" x 24"

Oil on Linen - Framed


Shadow Rider

24" x 28"

Oil on Linen - Framed


Big Riding Dance

26" x 36"

Oil on Linen - Framed


Hear That Lonsesome Whistle Blow

24" x 40"

Oil on Masonite - Framed


The Washburn Grizzly

27" x 49" - Oil on Canvas - Framed


Fifteen Years a Private

56" x 44"

Oil on Canvas - Framed


A Rendezvous Evening

52" x 45" 

Oil on Linen - Framed


Comp for Commission 8" x 13" Pen and Ink - Framed CGC0013

Comp for Commission

8" x 13"

Pen and Ink - Framed


The Runaway Bride

16" x 20"

Oil on Linen - Framed


This exhibition will be open and available to view here on the website and at our brick and mortar location in Bozeman, Montana

September 8th - September 22nd


The Gift Horse

16" x 12"

Oil on Linen - Framed



Gary Carter’s 40 years of unbridled adventures in Western Art were made possible many great instructors at the Art Center College of Design who encouraged him to paint the West. Gary has been with the Cowboy Artists of America for 30 years.

Instead of heading East for a position as a staff illustrator for an agency, Gary elected to become the resident artist at the Sun Ranch in the Madison Valley of Montana.He continues to live his dream in splendid isolation overlooking Hebgen Lake, half way between Yellowstone Park and the Madison Valley his two favorite locations.

Adopted by the Crow in 1991, His Indian brothers are still one of his favorite subjects to paint. Along with Cavalry, Mountain Men, Bear, Elk, trains and cow work. Gary works hard coming up with new ideas and keeping his “predicament” artist status alive.