My attraction to the storms is the way they enter into my life.  Gusts of wind, lightning and changing weather insist on a certain degree of attention that blue skies do not.  Watching a particular cloud formation, or a dramatic storm, I am fully present in the moment.  I gain perspective in the abstraction of light and color.  I want to witness the place and the time I live in, to depict its transcendent beauty, its stubborn bones, its highways and byways.  In the West the rolling flesh and muscle of the land is clearly visible, softened by sagebrush and golden grasses.  It is a land exposed. - Michelle Osman

Michelle Osman

Highway 32, ID, 2016

Oil on Canvas 36" x 36"


Michelle Osman

Dixon Bar, 2016

Oil on Canvas 24" x 24""


Michelle Osman

Shell, 2012

Oil on Canvas 32" x 86"


Michelle Osman

Rain Clouds, 2016

Oil on Canvas 20" x 24"


Michelle Osman

Cumulus II, 2016

Acrylic Silk Screen and Oil on Canvas 26" x 32"



Michelle Osman

I Saw Above Me That Ribbon of Highway, 2017

Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"



Michelle Osman

Leaving Town, 2015

Oil on Linen 28" x 60"


Michelle Osman

Main Street, 2016

Oil on Canvas 30" x 23.5"


Michelle Osman

East Main, 2016

Oil on Panel  20.5" x 16"


Michelle Osman

16 Mile Road, 2017

Oil on Canvas 14" x 44"


Michelle Osman

Virga, 2014

Oil on Canvas 80" x 48"


  Michelle Osman    Power Lines,  2015  Oil on Canvas 34" x 72"  CMO0001

Michelle Osman

Power Lines, 2015

Oil on Canvas 34" x 72"


Michelle Osman

Winter Waves, 2014

Oil on Canvas 60" x 90"